From Enterprise Architecture to development of 5-year plans, from the Application to Network and Database Design, KCI can assist you in determining your needs and in selecting the option(s) which make sense for your organization. We also have significant experience in system diagnostics and are available when needed to assist your personnel.
Systems Consulting
Custom Software Development

Knapp Consulting Inc.

KCI has decades of experience in developing client and server solutions across a range of industries, modalities and development environments. From System on Chip, to web based, mobile, or desktop and server; whether in-house, externally hosted or 'Cloud' based, KCI can help. We also have specific expertise in the design of: real-time transaction exchange systems; Property and Casualty Insurance (International Reinsurance and Direct Insurance); Healthcare Claims and Clinical Information exchange; Business Management; Process Control; and, Membership Management Systems.
Standards Development and Management
On behalf of clients, KCI has more than two decades of experience in the development and management of Healthcare communication standards for both Canadian and International use. The company has also developed certification processes, and managed support, certification, and standards promotion, to ensure consistent implementation of standards and to maintain the relevance of the standards.
Research Design and Statistical Analysis
KCI provides Research Design and Analysis Consulting to private industry, government and scientific organizations. The company has worked extensively in: wastewater monitoring; population, field and experimental biology; human health; and social sciences. If you are looking for assistance or guidance in your research design or analysis we are here to help. We also recommend a brief review of your approach before significant resources are committed as this generally results in a net saving of resources.
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